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Anna Bilbrough

Anna Bilbrough is a singer-songwriter from Ballarat. Accompanying herself, she sings songs influenced by the sounds and words of those from a bygone era. In her eyes, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez are the Brad and Ange of music. With a love of words and melody, Anna sings about that which is around her: female representation, Orlando Bloom lookalikes, and the miserable...

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Covers Dance Pop Tribute

Vonda Bouys & The Falsettos

When Vonda Bouys first met the Falsettos, there was an explosion of false eyelashes, spectacles and skivvies. ‘Vonda Bouys and the Falsettos’ mysteriously appeared on the music scene in mid 2011. Playing 60s dance classics Vonda and the boys leave a trail of dreamy-eyed Go Go dancers behind them. The band features Vonda Bouys (Dani Fry) on vocals, Ian Toff Riethoff...

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