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Our Acts

Blues Covers Jazz

Paige Duggan

While Paige’s style references the jazz greats (contemporary and classic), her years as a singer-songwriter, crossing genres as a vocal performer, has evolved her jazz voice into a unique and exciting emerging one. With a natural sensibility and ear for jazz, steeped in experimentation and improvisation, Paige isn’t afraid to take risks and play to the...

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Blues Covers Retro Rock 'n Roll

The Mary Gardens

A sisterly duo from Ballarat that play pieces inspired by and from a by-gone era. Their unique blend of harmonies accompanied by a lone guitar complete a sound that is reminiscent of early blues and rock ‘n’ roll but has a distinct twist.  Inspired by artists from the 1920s right through until the 1960s, these two girls will have your toes tappin’ along to the tunes...

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Contemporary Covers Folk Jazz

Teddy Bardwell

Chilled out, easy listening with acoustic cover artist Teddy Bardwell. Reimagining chart toppers and classics in a fingerpicking Folk/Jazz fusion. Teddy has toured Victoria as a professional busker sharing songs well know and loved but with a twist.

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Covers Dance Pop Tribute

Vonda Bouys & The Falsettos

When Vonda Bouys first met the Falsettos, there was an explosion of false eyelashes, spectacles and skivvies. ‘Vonda Bouys and the Falsettos’ mysteriously appeared on the music scene in mid 2011. Playing 60s dance classics Vonda and the boys leave a trail of dreamy-eyed Go Go dancers behind them. The band features Vonda Bouys (Dani Fry) on vocals, Ian Toff Riethoff...

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